October 27, 2010

Nature lovers and fairy tales

Out behind our land, this tree fell down during a large windstorm.
Eight years ago, Isabella and I deemed it the 'fairy tree' because we ventured back to visit it often, leaving tiny gifts of berries, freshly-baked muffin, pancake, little notes and crafts in a hollow for its tiny inhabitants. We did this for many years, and recited a home-made fairy rhyme (which I sadly cannot remember anymore) each time we left a fairy gift. One day, we discovered a tiny, perfect jawbone (perhaps from a chipmunk or mouse) in the hollow. A gift for us! From the fairies! Isabella was delighted and I was very much honoured (:
My sadness was great upon seeing that this great tree of magic had been felled by the winds. I take it as a significant message..Of what, I do not know yet. But when we inspected it in its new resting place, all throughout the broken limbs and sticks, mushrooms were growing! Not one of them had been damaged by the fall. If you know anything about mushrooms, you know that there are fairies where there are mushrooms. Life is so beautiful, don't you think?

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