October 12, 2010

Weekend recap (:

Thanksgiving weekend was lovely. The weather was warm and sunny and even the evenings were not so freezing as they can be in October. We enjoyed a large, beautiful dinner which my Mom worked on preparing over the course of Friday night and most of Saturday (: Jude was great throughout the meal, sitting nicely in his high chair, throwing bits of corn and bread quietly onto the floor, pretending to eat the napkin and finally enjoying a popsicle..After eating both dinner and dessert (pumpkin pie, of course!) we headed outside to enjoy a cozy campfire. To sit outside when the air is cool and have your face warmed by the fire, is there anything more lovely? We roasted marshmallows too.

Sunday was spend predominantly out-of-doors. Jude loves the wild places in a way that truly amazes me. We were literally outside for hours upon hours. He putters about exploring the grass, trees, leaves, rocks..He digs in the mud, He walks and giggles and points out the falling leaves, airplanes and clouds. Jude is a remarkable little soul (: Just this past Saturday evening as we were stoking the fire, Jude took notice of the moon. He exclaimed over and over in his little squeaky voice, "Dah! Dah! Dah! Dah!" while pointing at the moon and begging us to take him closer to it. So cute. He thought if we kept making our way towards it, we'd eventually be able to touch it. Isn't that beautiful? I love the minds of little ones. I wish I could exist in that place of being truly present, innocent and believing all the time (:



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