November 4, 2010

Halloween frivolity!

We started off Halloween day in just the right way ~ carving pumpkins, of course! Jude LOVED the experience. He scooped out the pumpkin for a half an hour at least and then, when empty, he dumped the pumpkin goo back in and started the whole process over again!
Happy boy (:

Isabella had fun carving her pumpkin too (:


It SNOWED!!! Isabella took off to enjoy the momentous occasion and made a mini-snowball to store in the freezer for Grandma-Jude (: We all love winter in this house!

Jude got SO into the pumpkin festivities that he ended up with it all over his head ;-)

Here are our pumpkins, all ready for Halloween night!

This is Isabella's! It's a monkey jack-o-lantern (:

And this is Jason's. He painted it a bit for extra-effect. Very awesome (:

Here is my pumpkin! The smallest of the lot, I started out making it cute, but then veered off into a totally different direction, with the 3-D tongue and eyeballs (:

Soooo....After the pumpkins were finished, Isabella got dressed up as a dead bride. Isn't she pretty? I did her make-up and made her costume (:

Jason painted Jude's face with autumn leaves (He loved it by the way and would have sat there all night ~ the brush must have felt nice on his skin!)...

And then he dressed up as a pumpkin! Too cute (:

It was frrrreeeeeeeezzzzing when we went out trick-or-treating. The coldest night yet! We bundled up nice and warm and walked around collecting candy for an hour and a half. It was immense fun. Many townspeople love Halloween as much as we do apparently; Their houses were decorated for the occasion and they were donning costumes as well. So much fun!! And then Jude got a bit cranky so we jumped in the car and headed home and ate some chocolate with peppeemint tea. Bliss, I tell you.
Oh, and of course we lit up this mischievious trio!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hello! I like the pumkin on the very left! Who made that one?? (Moi Dah-link!!) I like yours too! And Jasons! Happy Halloween Everybody!!


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