November 23, 2010

Make it indie

On Sunday we had a lovely day at the Make it Indie show in Cobourg (: As it was its' first year we didn't know what to expect, but we had a great day and made loads of great contacts and friends. We woke up at 4:30 am to get showered and dressed, left the house by 5:30 and arrived a bit before 7. Did I mention that we brought along a certain baby boy to partake of the fun? We certainly did, and considering the super-early wake-up and constant pace of the day, he did really, really well. I think many of the other vendors thought we were crazy for bringing a toddler, and in fact Jason and I were terrified at the thought of it, but we had no other choice. All in all, he was completely happy aside from a couple grumpy moments which were easily remedied with a stroll, snacks or nursing. Anyway, here is a picture of our booth, which we absolutely loved. So pretty!

And a close-up (: Jason showcased his paintings and handmade sketchbooks alongside a whole bunch of PipoDoll things: dolls, plush gnomes, owls and matryoshkas, ornaments, art prints, embroidered art cards, baby shirts and onesies, origami sets and even some obsidian and petrified wood that Jason collected on his travels across the country.
The day after the show, we all woke up exhausted. A calm day of napping and regeneration ensued. I actually found myself to be quite sick with a raging headache, stomachache and all-over body ache and dizziness. Not good. I am not usually one to nap EVER unless I absolutely, totally have to. I hate napping. But nap I did, and today I feel considerably better (:

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  1. Your booth was so lovely! My husband and I picked up a set of paper lanterns (we were the ones who "came back") and I can't wait to set them up! I've added your blog to my google reader list (along with Soule Mama who I see you too are a fan of) so I look forward to seeing where you'll be next. All the best!


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