May 21, 2011

I'm real dirty

Today we did the most of our planting in the garden! A glorious afternoon spent (: We've got, so far:

four kinds of sunflowers (I'm growing a sunflower house!)
morning glories
a mix of different greens
green beans
pink pampas grass
tomatoes - a few different varieties
orange pumpkins + white pumpkins
apple mint
lemon balm
lemon verbena (I LOVE anything lemon. It makes me so happy)
cosmos flowers

We still have a few little spots that are unspoken for. My sis is tired of her garden and so I'll zip to her place this week and dig up her hollyhocks, foxgloves and whatever else happens to be growing in her wild and untamed garden, and hope that they transplant well (: She is eager to adopt an easier-to-maintain garden look whereas I would love to amass hundreds of veggies, plants and flowers in our one garden plot (-;

Honestly, this garden is going to be absolutely unbelievably beautiful! Jason built a twig fence around the entirety of its circumference and constructed a gate to match. Mom donated her pretty garden globe for the center of the herb garden and we're adding touches of rocks and obsidian for borders and wooden slabs for pathways. And did I mention the sunflower house I've planted? That will indeed be magical when it blooms: four kinds of sunflowers for the walls ~ morning glories for the roof ~ I can't wait!

Getting my hands dirty, it brings me so much joy!


  1. It sounds so beautiful... I can't wait to see photos. Our vegetable garden is more modest, however, I planted some Musque de Provence pumpkins and am very much looking forward to them (beautiful to behold and delicious, from what I hear!)


  2. P.S. the art work at the top of this post is gorgeous... what is it?

  3. I found it online doing a search for vintage botanical illustrations. I agree, it is so pretty!


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