May 28, 2011

I've been doodling..

...It seems that I never have enough time to do creative things, especially things that have no 'distinct' purpose, such as doodling. I generally torture myself into thinking that if it's for no actual reason, then I should not spend my time in such a way, and try to do something productive. Pretty silly, right? Yeah, I know. It sort of leaves no room for 'nurturing the creative spirit'. But for some reason, when I started gardening something happened to me; something broke loose. just a little, that let a sparkle into my mind and told me that I should start doing things for myself, things that I want to do, even if that un-fun part of me puts up a fuss. So, long story short ~ I doodled, and it was fun. I also took part in a blog swap for handmade creations that I will report on later (: And made rice pudding (:


  1. Beautiful doodles! I experienced this today,I drew on the first page of my sketchbook then got worried I was wasting the page as I didn't have a plan...silly!


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