May 26, 2011

Our garden thus far

Last weekend I dug up my sister's garden and helped myself to a bunch of echinacea plants, hollyhocks, flowering vines of which name I don't know yet, and a couple other unidentified plants which, upon blooming will more than likely tickle me pink. I helped my sis plan to her garden and pick out the plants and flowers almost ten years ago, so I am sure I will approve of them! I do hope they make it. I have never transplanted such established plants before and tried my best to be gentle and respectful of their root systems and to replant them as soon as possible. We shall see! I do love gardening, so much, and my heart is singing once again after a long absence from this particular joy.

The pictures below were taken before the new (old) arrivals but they are still lovely and give one a sense of the lush garden to come.



1 comment:

  1. gorgeous! I love the circle, makes it all seem so fluid.


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