June 17, 2011

19 weeks pregnant (:

It's true. We will be welcoming baby # 3 into our lives in late autumn (: I am already 19 weeks along, which is halfway through my pregnancy. I have always felt innately that three was the perfect number of children to have (: I have the 'feeling' that this wee one is a girl, but I could be wrong! I had thought Jude was going to be a girl, and he turned out to be a boy - a truck, motorcycle and tractor-loving boy! Last night I felt the baby move. I have been feeling the flutterings for a week or two but they were so subtle and only happened once each time so I couldn't know for sure. But last night, that was really something. I cannot say just how feeling the movement of your growing baby in utero makes everything real, in the mind. I have been feeling separate from the experience of this pregnancy because of the other babies I have lost I am sure. On some deep level I am protecting myself, which is silly, but feeling the movement of my newest little one helps to relax my fears, and to embrace this glorious time, for indeed it is a magical time. I am blessed (:


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  1. Congratulations! relax,enjoy, it is a magical time :-)


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