June 9, 2011

at the farm

Jason, Jude and I are farm/house/garden/cat/puppy-sitting for two weeks at Maple Leaf Farm while our friends attend a healing seminar in the US (: We have been here for a little under 48 hours and we have already experienced a 12-hour power outage and swarming attacks of mosquitos and blackflies that you would never encounter just a few hours away! Ah, good times (: We welcomed the opportunity to be out in nature, away from the noisiness of our regular life and in that regard I am very happy. The only sounds I hear upon waking are crickets, birdsong, and the wind whooshing through the trees and the long grass of the surrounding fields. The breeze coming in our bedroom window is divine and smells so fresh and earthy. I love to watch the curtain gently blowing in the morning, taking that time to breathe slowly and nurture my inner awareness and appreciation of simple beauty. It's lovely. Walking outside donning a mosquito net headcovering is equally as amusing! Luckily, Jude will consent to wearing one. They are probably the most neccessary clothing item out here (:

Jude and I have unfortunately had a bit of a bug since arriving here which has left me feeling tired and achy and he EXTREMELY ornery and with a sensitive tummy. On the flipside, his naps have been longer and his night sleeps less interrupted. Good ole' country air! I am feeling better already, much improved since yesterday so I am guessing that he will soon be back to his cheerier self as well.

Yesterday we happened over to a local organic farm to buy some of their offerings and we ended up hanging out for over an hour chatting with the farmer and his wife, touring through the place and visiting their animals: chickens, turkeys, cows, horses, and one duck (: By the end of the visit, Jude had mastered the sound of a rooster and was quite amused by the antics of the various animals. A lovely experience (: There is nothing more pleasant and grounding than the laid-back, welcoming ways of country folk, especially those who love what they do and exude that peace and contentment, reminding others that life is indeed something to be enjoyed..

Here are a few pictures I have taken in the past few days. More to come! I look forward to roaming outside more with my camera. There are fields and forests, plus a barn that I am excited to explore (: Isabella will be arriving tomorrow with my Mom and sister and will get a healthy dose of this slower pace. Being ten years old, she will likely be traumatized, but hopefully that will pass within a couple days (-; I am brainstorming some fun activities for us to do. I know there are some beaches with swimming nearby (always good), movie nights with popcorn, hikes with the puppies (Bella loves animals), trips into town and the weekend farmer's market, baking yummy things, and perhaps another trip to the organic farm.

Jude doing his favourite thing

Jude apparently likes power outages (:

No electricity = lots of snuggles in candlelight

Teatime (:

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