November 23, 2011

life stuff

Some of our newest regular visitors ~ They have come right up to the house in groups of ten or more!

..reminding me to be give thanks for my blessings ~ which are so many!

Christmas is coming! Bliss (:

Frosty mornings

Happy visits with Grandma~Jude


My most wondrous creations in all the world (:

love love love

Ollie napping beneath pretty crocheted flowers made by Jenny (:

Sweet wonderful Ollie ~ the most peaceful baby I have ever met (:

My birthday happened amidst the new baby celebrations

Blissed-out napping in Ollie's hammock-bed

Life is indeed beautiful

To my American friends, a most wonderful Thanksgiving to you (:

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing his sweet little new-born face... delightful...


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