November 9, 2011

recent good things..

Jude and I on our driveway (:

Gathering kindling! Jude is a very willing helper if pulling the wagon is part of the plan (:

We are still finding caterpillars! Here in the woods there are sweet fat brown and black ones that Jude adores (:

Our living room at night ~ it is so pretty (: I love it (:

Isabella was a dead dancer for Halloween..

Pretty (:

Jason painted Jude's face with leaves (always an easy, quick favourite for Halloween!)

And then he dressed in a pumpkin costume! Same as last year..and just as cute!

Jack-o-lanterns on the mantle above our glorious woodstove (:

Jude loved scooping out the pumpkins and then filling them again. He did this last year also, the activity showing itself to be very cathartic and engaging for him (: He doesn't usually stay with a task for an extended period of time, so it was a lovely thing to watch him work happily at scooping for 45 minutes or so!

Isabella's proud stash.

Jason has been busy gathering wood and kindling..

Piled up outside the front door, they are beautiful indeed.

And yes, a beautiful bark dress of mine (:


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