June 13, 2013


Last May we ordered eight chicks from a local hatchery, and then two Ameraucanas from a local fella. We have been offering our eggs for sale and well, ten chickens were not nearly enough to keep up with the egg orders. Plus, we want to eat our lovely fresh eggs too! So this May we got tons of new chickens! First I got 11 chicks from another local chicken person, then four more in a trade for our rooster, and then I bought 11 laying hens and three pullets that will be laying in a month or so. A friend gave us two lovely roosters as well (we had to trade the other one because he kept attacking Ollie!) We have chickens free-ranging around the barn/house, chicks in a brooder in the bathroom anc larger chicks in our outdoor chicken ark!
I have plans to pick up some more chicks yet again; five heritage breeds ~ Australorp, Sussex, Faverolle, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Red.
I am a bit chicken-crazy but I do love them so. Tons, actually. And the chicken aprons/hen savers or whatever you choose to call them, They look absolutely adorable! They bring me so much joy, my wonderful hens flitting around the barnyard wearing flowery and gingham printed aprons, making me think of a Beatrix Potter illustration (:

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