June 6, 2013

play play play!

Jude and I constructed a water wall, using some plastic bottles, nails and an old board from the barn. Here we've connected the hose to stream the water through but that was only after manually pouring into the top bottle lost it's appeal. Now we're trying to think of a fun way to use other things to direct the water, like tubes and gutters and such (: A great thing to play with on hot summer afternoons!

Ollie loves the water wall too, as do the chickens and lambs who drink from it all day long (:

Then we rolled these log pieces into a good spot and created a fun circle to climb/walk along. We have a few boards for bridges/ramps too! Both boys love this. We can spend tons of time playing here.

And then, we drew all over the logs with sidewalk chalk. It looked really pretty until the lambs rubbed their faces all over it!

Rainy day fun...or 'tons of mosquitos on a damp day' fun. Beans and rice in a sensory bin.
And of course, the classic piling up of cushions and pillows to jump on (:

Right now, I have some strawberry-rhubarb crumble baking in the oven. Only 5 more minutes and it's done! Yum yum yummy! The horses were very kind to eat all the huge wild grass growing around the rhubarb patch so it is much easier to harvest this year. Jason has started some pizza dough in the bread maker so we'll wait on the crisp and have some delish homemade pizza first. A feast!

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