July 21, 2013

Ollie ~ 20 months old (:

Silly photo courtesy of Isabella!
My sweet Ollie has entered the new phase of toddler life. He can communicate with words in a way he couldn't just a few weeks ago, and it has been so much fun to hear his litte voice come out with many more words than before. He voices all the main things such as up, stay, down, out, yum, gink-oo (thank you), etc.. He can say one, two, three and I have caught him counting pieces of dog kibble! In his own very dramatic way, hands flailing and with much laughter, he tells entire stories that basically aren't understandable but then he throws in a few legitimate words and I understand what he is talking about. My goodness, he is adorable! It's amazing how it happens, one day he was content to know things but not to voice his thoughts and the next day he is rhyming off all his body parts and yelling "Help!! and laughing when he wants to get down from his high chair. It's amazing really, the growth of a being. I love it. I love him (:

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