July 8, 2013

Very good friends

Jude (after he painted his face yet again) and Teapot, who is now 3 months old.

In the early afternoon each day, we all venture out to give treats to the lambs, goat and chickens. They are very excited to see us, and run under our feet and trip us (-; Ollie loves to throw cracked corn to the chickens; It makes him feel very proud. Sometimes he puts a bit in his small wagon and pulls it around while Woolly Pippin walks along behind with his head in the wagon attempting to eat the corn. It is hilarious. I have to say, getting bottle-lambs and chickens was the best idea I ever had (: They enrich our lives in the most beautiful, wholesome way. They are wonderful to be around and bring joy and peace to everyone who spends time in their presence. Next...a pig, maybe? (-;


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