October 14, 2013

some of the chick'ns

White sussex pullets

Sleepy Easter Egger pullet ~ This one is my favourite (:

Free ranging!

Donning a lovely chicken apron..

I think this hen wins the award for grumpiest chicken. She is a tremendous grouch, and nearly impossible to catch! We didn't raise her ourselves, and her former owner clipped her wings. But isn't she so pretty in her apron? (-;

Welsummer pullet ~ I love her plumage!

Yep, this guy is pretty hideous! He's our Turken rooster (:

Handsome Easter Egger rooster

Cutie-patootie Faverolle pullet on her way to somewhere important (:

Sleepyhead hen dozing in the sun

Rhode Island Red

Golden Laced Wyandottes all in a line (:

Goofy Faverolle

Wyandottes in a line again!


  1. I guess you are not having any issues with predators? You have a nice coyote menu there with sheep and poultry Samantha!

  2. Our lovely Matilda-dog (Great Pyranees) keeps everyone safe with her big bark and all-seeing eye (-; Before she came to us, we did lose three chickens to the local fox resident..I am a bit worried about the winter, but we had our little goat here last winter and she was fine, she just stayed near the house and barn, as the lambs do now (:


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