October 22, 2013

painting, playing and such (:

Jude and I are loving the pumpkin-ness of this time of year (: We decided to make a couple jolly little pumpkin garlands to decorate our window. First, we painted large pieces of paper with orange paint, then drank tea while they were drying. Tea parties are awesome.

Ollie woke up from his very short nap and jumped right into painting!

I made the garland by folding the paper into a fan and then cutting out a pumpkin shape. Then Jude drew the most wonderful faces on each one, each unique (:

When we were finished, he drew tattoos on himself.

Then Ollie drew tattoos on himself too (:

And of course I needed some, so Jude gave me three; a chainsaw, a tree and a baby highchair.

Practicing letters (:

Playing with puzzles (:

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