April 13, 2014

April is a month filled with so many good things!

April always seems to be something of a whirlwind. We wait soooo long for spring to arrive, and then when it does we can barely catch our breath; There is so much going on, such activity! But oh my goodness, when I take a moment to stand quietly in the pasture, I nearly burst with happiness at the sights and smells of spring! Joy! The chickens are delighted to be roaming about, as are the goat and sheep. The pasture is  flooded due to the immense amount of melted snow running down the hillside and the boys have been rowing their boat around it for days. The water is only a foot or so deep so it's perfect for them and Jude has been perfecting his paddling. Three feral ducks have taken up residence in our temporary pond, swimming around while the chickens wade at the edge (: 
Our walks on the woods have been frequent, and each day brings with it less snow. It has been raining today and will tomorrow as well, so hopefully that will be the end of the white stuff! Ahhhh, spring! 
The lambs are getting along beautifully in our home and family (: They are beautiful, loving creatures and I am so grateful that they have come to live with us! They came to us from a kind and lovely woman who 'rescued' our naughty Matilda-dog from running around on the road (she jumped over the fencing and ran away when Jason turned his back for a moment). She got Matilda into her car and drove her to our place, it being the closest farm, and she was so delighted by our animals and approach to livestock-raising that she returned a couple days later asking me if I would please consider taking the two bottle lambs her Aunt and Uncle had at their farm. Jason was in the forest cutting wood so I couldn't converse with him; We went straightaway to see the lambs and of course I took them home a half an hour later (-; As it turns out, they are part Leicester, a breed I have been interested in, so on that particular day the universe was truly bringing a beautiful and magical blessing to my life (: Jason is anticipating their soon-to-be life outside with the other sheep by building fencing to keep them away from the gardens. He built a wattle-style barrier at the bottom of the split-rail fence and it looks mighty pretty. I hope to have a flower garden bursting with hundreds of gorgeous heirloom blooms that no goat or sheep can get at! We have started tons of plants inside, in egg shells, both vegetables and flowers. The are happily starting their lives cozy in our pantry and are doing quite well. 
Yes, spring. All good. I am happy!

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  1. Is that a tiny praying mantis? Amazing! Love that you have a temporary pond - how fun! We have a dip in our backyard that turns into a mini pond several days a year, but its only big enough for a toy boat! Sheep in the house with a diaper - what a hoot!


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