July 21, 2014

Jude's wonderful to-do lists

Jude is the type of child who feels at ease when he knows what is going to happen. He likes rhythm and reliability, while I am more easy going and tend not to be much of a planner aside from the main regular occurrences of any day (food, laundry, showers, barn chores), so we started this new morning activity where we sit on the outside wicker bench and brainstorm all the things we would like to take place that day, and Jude writes them down on his chalkboard. Ollie runs around and plays and I snuggle the lambs who stroll by to visit us while Jude and I work together to write his to-do-list. He can't actually spell yet and we are still working on letter recognition and sounds, so what I do is write a letter and then he writes the same one under mine. We practice the sound, and then work on the next letter, blending sounds as we go until we read the entire word, and then the caption. Then I erase my version and we work on the next line.
It's actually very fun, and we refer back to it throughout the day when we 'forget' the important things we had planned! 

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