July 18, 2014

lunch from the land

My lunch yesterday consisted of a salad and a smoothie.
It was both delicious and beautiful.
I am so busy most days that I often forget to eat, or I eat tiny bits of this and that and end up feeling exhausted by early evening. No wonder!
So I thought I would make myself a decent lunch that afternoon, with lots of food from our land.

In the salad: lots of purslane, nasturtiums, red clover flowers, peppermint leaves, pumpkin seeds, fresh cherries and creamy dressing. 
In the smoothie: homemade yogurt, water, banana, strawberries, blackberries, mustard greens and swiss chard.

Today I kept to the same simple lunch design: a salad and a smoothie.

In the salad: garden leaf lettuce, purslane, havarti cheese chunks and nasturtiums with creamy dressing. 
In the smoothie: homemade yogurt, a touch of maple syrup, banana, strawberries, mustard greens, swiss chard, water. Same as yesterday but no blackberries, and I used wayyy more swiss chard. The kids wouldn't touch it because of it's greenness but I thought it was quite yummy! (-;


  1. It is such a beautiful salad. I often forget to nourish myself adequately during the day as well- and end up not feeling so well because of it! I have been trying to make a better conscious effort to take care of myself!

  2. What a beautiful salad Samantha! Definitely my kind of food :-)

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2014

    Well aren't you Miss Healthy! Way healthier (and prettier) than my lunch today. :) Not so sure about mustard greens in my smoothie - I know I should eat them, but I'm not a big fan.


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