July 30, 2014

Most recently..

I finally taught Jude how to sew (: He made himself a nice little secret pocket.

And he was very proud of himself!

Next, he asked me to make him and Ollie eye patches so they could be pirates (:

Wild mama turkey and her babies have been visiting our driveway each morning (: Last summer, I saw her and her little ones across the road on the grassy hill. A fox was killing each poult in turn while the mama screamed and flapped about, hopeless. It was a horrible sight to see, both from the viewpoint of a mother and an animal-lover. I hoped so strongly that she would raise this years' brood closer to our barn and home for safety and it would seem that this is the case. Before the babies arrives I saw her frequently in the pasture not far from the chickens and now they are meandering up the driveway and across the yard (:

The kids and I made some gluten free banana bread. Yum!

Jason harvested all the lovely garlic (this is just a small bit - We have lots this year!)

Jude and I set up the tent, and he and Daddy slept in there while Isabella and I had 'girls' night' and watched a movie (:

We brushed out Ollie's curls, just to see what he would look like and oh my goodness!

Lots of walks have been taken down our forest-path of a road. At the very end, we can see the lake and watch the loons on the water (:

We had a certain fluffy visitor outside our front door! (eating the cat food I forgot to bring in)

Outside sewing! My new favourite thing!

I have had lots of orders for woodland blocks and aprons so the kitchen table has been perpetually full of evolving creative projects!

And gardening, yes. Jason does the bulk of it, but on this particular day I managed to spend 4 hours in the tomato garden and weeded all five beds (:

Next up, the making of chaga tea, chicken noodle soup and spanish omelettes, more sewing, picking the blasted burrs out of the sheep's wool (and then cutting down all the burdock plants), reading books and hopefully some drawing and gardening (:

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