October 3, 2016

An abundance of wild apples!

Three pots of glorious sweet and tart wild apples cooking into applesauce!

Ollie and Jude are great helpers in the kitchen! 
Here Ollie is using his muscles to mill the applesauce :)

Apples fermenting to make apple cider vinegar

We got wild and crazy one day and actually peeled the apples! 
We have an antique cast iron apple peeler and the boys LOVE to operate it.
They promptly ate about five peeled apples each, and I made apple crisp :)
The small red crabapples are destined for jelly!

This has been a GREAT year for apples!
It has been almost overwhelming!

Jason and the kids were bringing home bushel after bushel after bushel of wild apples and I worked as quickly as I could to cook them into applesauce, mill and can it. During the past month I cooked so much applesauce in fact, that I got quite bored so I made a big batch of apple cider vinegar and then switched to apple butter. I just finished my second batch (of six pints) and I think we have nearly come to the end of the apples! Whew! Now, on to the tomatoes!

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  1. Wow, that is a ton of apples! We don't have many wild trees around here, but we foraged some on our recent trip to Maine. We saw a crabapple tree that was just loaded, but were running out of space it the car! Apple cider vinegar is on my list of things to do this fall.


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