October 2, 2016

Summer of 2016, you did take my breath away! Here is a bit of a catch-up!

The boys dressed up as pirates to play at a local playground that has a large wooden pirate ship play structure

Jude took these swinging pictures of Jason and Ollie :)

Playing with Isabella's old doll house miniatures


Silly Jude with a toast mouth!

and snuggling one of his quail

Jude and Ollie had a brief-but passionate obsession with ancient Egypt, and most specifically, mummies. They spent hours each day 'preparing' one another in turn for mummification, and then would lie quietly on the floor 'being' a mummy! Jude mummified both Ollie and his stuffed cockatoo in this picture. Aren't their imaginations wondrous?! 

Jason cut and stacked the firewood in such a way that we could use it as a little fort!

Here are the three boys taking a much-needed rest in the firewood house :)

We celebrated Jude'seventh birthday! My mom and Dad came and it was a happy day.

Jude and Ollie with my beautiful Mama :)

We visited with a good friend. There was swimming, snacks and great talks

Dress-up and goofy days with homeschool friends :)

Beautiful flowers in my garden are an every day blessing

Ollie being Ollie

He is a bit of a wild-rabbit whisperer, my sweet boy

Sick :(

And Jude spent the summer losing teeth and then growing more!

All of these pictures were from the summer!
It has been busier than ever..It is all I could do to catch my breath!
Now that autumn is upon us, (and winter close behind!) - I look forward to slowing down :)

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