October 2, 2016

Summertime art showings

My summer was busy! VERY, very busy!
The good news is that much of the busy-ness involved homesteading and art-creating, which is what life is all about, or at least we aim it in that direction :)

In June I took part in Montana Jones' Lifestock; a fundraising effort to help support her and raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt with their legal fees after years of bullying by the CFIA, and also to celebrate homesteading, eco-friendly farming and living practices, heritage livestock animals, natural foods etc.. If you know anything about earth-friendly farming practices then you have likely heard of Joel Salatin. He came as well to join in solidarity with Montana and Michael and they each made their way up to the bandstand to make a powerful speech about the importance of good, safe, healthy food, and a healthy planet. Jason, Ollie, Jude and I spent the day there enjoying the music of wonderful local folk musicians and meeting wonderful, warm, open-minded people. I sold many paintings, prints and other handmade goods and it was a delightful experience all around!

Next, I opened my doors for the Highlands East Studio Tour for two weekends in August. It's lovely to have people stop by our home. Often we get talking about all the things we are up to (sheep, chickens, gardens, permaculture, creativity, etc. etc. etc.), and wind up strolling through the gardens, or visiting all the animals down by the barn, and in that way it is shown to be very cohesive, this life of ours, and all the parts that intertwine to build the whole package:)

And then, in September I sold my wares in the "Artisan's Market" at the Shelter Valley Folk Festival in Grafton, Ontario. I enjoyed three days of folk music goodness whilst selling my artwork and handmades. It was wonderful!!

Here are some pictures from Lifestock:

And here are a few of my own little studio :)

Displaying IMG_4839.JPG

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Ollie was busy for weeks painting alongside me! He generated quite a collection of paintings and sold four!!

Yes, it was a joyful and creative time for me - long deserved! I had been putting my creative needs on the backburner for years while I focused on the kids, the animals, the homestead etc..but then, I just couldn't wait anymore. My spirit NEEDED this, to paint! Happy!

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