October 11, 2008

Saturday adventures

Wow, this day is flying by at warp speed! Here's what we've been up to so far::

Isabella and I made/ate breakfast (cereal, omelette, watermelon, tea)
We played with Pipo and the other toys (they were serenading one another)
I swept the apartment, fed the furballs and cleaned up
I showered while Isabella danced around in her underwear and played the drum
I posted some new things to my DaWanda shop and did some sketches while Bella played the piano to 'Imagine'
Bella wrote two letters (one for Grandma-Jude and one for her penpal Rachel)
We ate pb&j sandwiches and walked to the Farmer's Market
While there we:
ate gummy sharks
watched a capoeira demo and it was amazing!
ate kettle corn popcorn samples
got Bella a balloon poodle on a balloon leash
Then we hung out at Walgreens looking at all the scary Halloween stuff
We walked 20 minutes to the grocery store where we picked up two bags of pretty little gourds, the makings for two pumpkin pies, whipped cream and two vitamin waters
Once home we ate watermelon and played with the gourds
Isabella wrote about her fun day in her diary
..and now she is on the phone with her Grandma-Jude

I have tea brewing.

I love my little girl so much!

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