October 10, 2008

Girly weekend

Jason is off for three days on a rockhounding trip which has taken him 7 hours southeast from here and I am missing him like crazy. It's a good thing though; He has the burning desire to hunt for rocks and crystals and I simply don't have the notion, So while he is doing that I am here with my sweet little one, watching cute old Japanese movies, eating mini pizzas, playing at the park and milling around the small shops and library, drawing in our sketchbooks over yummy drinks at Starbucks and playing with Mabel. Fun. And to top it off, I think tomorrow will be ice cream day.

I was reading the children's book "Marshmallow" this morning by Clare Turlay Newberry and there is the loveliest little poetic quote near the end:

"A bunny's a delightful habit,
No home's complete without a rabbit."

so true ^_^

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