October 4, 2008


Each night before bed, as I am sitting on the edge of Isabella's bed, we say a prayer of gratitude for all the good things in our lives. Isabella is always grateful for her dinner, for any yummy treats she acquires that day, for a fun art or music class at school,, She is grateful for Jason and I and our furries and any fun thing we do together... I'll make my own list for the time being:

I am grateful for:

Isabella, Jason, My Mom, Dad and sister
my dear friends and lovely people I meet along the way
the unconditional love of Mabel, Lily, Socrates and Blue (bunny and kitty friends)
delicious, warm, cozy tea
our home
the sun
the rain
our patio garden
my health and the health of my family
nature in general, I do love it so
my ability to create things and my joy in doing so
my life here in California
growing up in Ontario (I'm in tears, I love Canada so much)
kind, loving people who have open minds and open hearts
music, dance and art
the smells of flowers, wind, snow, grass, leaves, incense, lemons, cloves and campfires
campfires that go on late into the summer night
snow...is there anything more magical?
Christmas music
motherhood...this has been the best gift of all
the love of my family
great books
children's books
Burt's Bees lip balm
my little tea pot
different cultures and their wisdom
Isabella's smile and giggles

I have more, tons more but I need to get some work done (-:

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