May 28, 2009

37 weeks now..

And I am as round as a giant watermelon (-: I had a midwife appointment last night and all is very well. She estimated the baby at the high 6 pound range and close to seven.. He's a nice healthy fat baby methinks (-:
Tonight we are attending a prenatal tour of the labour and delivery hospital wing. Should prove interesting. Of course I abhor hospitals in general, and so I am not at all anticipating in a pleasant fashion my time there, but I do love the midwives (Thank the powers that be for hospitals with midwives!)
I think it will be good to have a run-through of the place so I'll know what I may be met with when the time comes to bring my sweet baby into the world. I birthed my daughter in a small midwife's clinic almost nine years ago - a clinic that was not exactly equipped for births but they made an exception for me, given that I was in between residences at the time. It was a beautiful, calm experience and she never cried once, so peaceful was her entry into the world.
I have been blessed with the odd contraction here and there, Jolting me back into reality and affirming the simple truth that yes, this pregnancy business will indeed result in the birth of a wee baby boy and yes, I should get that hospital bag packed and yes, I should really try and get as much sleep as I can and yes, it's real, We're having a BABY. Hard to wrap your mind around!

This is a fun time. My moments seem to be in slow-motion,, my body too, slow and methodical like these days leading up to the birth. The calm before the storm. I love storms, by the way (-:

I'll just pop in to the kitchen and take the strawberry-banana bread out of the oven..


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