May 15, 2009

random thoughts

Mother's day was almost an entire week ago now and I have been meaning to write, but I am just so darn tired. The lack of energy I experience has me wishing to do nothing other than sit idly, thinking nothing, and simply continue being a baby-making machine. I look forward to having my energy return, although I know that when the time comes, I will not even be aware of it because I will be so busy with the baby. Oh well. Such is life.

Mother's day weekend held lots of fun happenings. On Saturday, Jason made a belly cast of my upper torso with plaster and gauze while Isabella chatted to her Grampa Joe on the phone. We then readied to attend the baby shower that Jason's colleagues planned for us. It was a fun night, More of a dinner party/get together than a typical baby shower (which I was completely relieved about) with a delicious and plentiful potluck dinner & desserts, music, joviality, and of course, lots of useful baby gifts (-: I think having a baby shower at night amidst good food, music and friends is definitely the way to do it. Isabella was only too delighted to open the baby gifts,, and so she diligently worked at ripping open each package (-: Unlike my own experience, Isabella will remember well her brother's early days and development and I wonder how it will affect the way she thinks of motherhood and family. My own sister was 1 year and 10 months younger than me ~ very close in age, and so of course I remember nothing, being much a baby myself when she came into the world..

Mother's day was relatively mellow. We had a simple breakfast of cereal, showered and were off to aquire a suitable bed for the baby. Our apartment, while a perfect size for our needs thus far, is not so spacious as to allow a crib. A delightful woman gave us a crib through freecycle but when we set it up I immediately knew it was not going to work; Too cumbersome and tall and not at all complimentary to the limited set up of our living space. And so we picked up a pretty pack n' play which suits our overall needs much more appropriately. Firstly, we can move it to different spots around the apartment, it has an attached change table which is great for consolidation of space, It folds up relatively compact (a great feature as we will be travelling in the future) and we can fit it right beside our bed (great for night-time feedings). Plus, I hate cribs. It's true. To me they look like baby-cages and I have never been a fan. I think I wrote about this before. Isabella was given a crib too, but I never used it. I painted it too, and sewed the prettiest, asian-inspired blankets and bumper for it, but in the end it wound up in my parents' basement, and Isabella wound up snuggled next to me. Simple.
Back to Mother's day ~ We ventured next to our beloved sushi restaurant in Berkeley for a late lunch/early dinner, and upon returning home Isabella presented me with the most lovely gift - a collaged artwork of sorts with an attached card and envelope donning a handmade bookmark. She worked diligently on this for hours one day while I rested on the couch nearby, promising not to peek (-:

So I think we are basically ready for our sweet boy to come. Just a few last-minute things to get, like batteries for the camera and some drinks/snacks for the hospital. My bag is half-packed and my belly is about to burst, I kid you not. Time is such an odd thing and I cannot believe we have made it this far, and it seems to have gone so fast...Jason is super-excited to meet this newest member of our family, as is Isabella, and I only hope and pray that he loves to sleep as much as his daddy! As in, I am praying for a long night sleeper, unlike Isabella who woke up every night at least four times for a long, long time and never actually slept all the way through until she was 2 and a half. Yawn.

Thoughts. Just thoughts pouring out of my brain. As of late, my thoughts are difficult to harness, My concentration given way to the profound act of creating life. I look forward to the return of my memory and concentration very much. And to holding my wee one. I don't remember what it's like to hold a baby,, as so many years have passed since I brought my sweet girl-child into the world. She is now an amazing young person, vibrant and creative and clever. No longer a small child. It does go so fast.

I have no pictures to add today. I generally like to post a new blog when I have something of interest eye-candy-wise to contribute,, But it is not to be.

I am off. My cup of tea is finished (-: Time for new things..

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