May 17, 2009

A walk through the past..

We went on a lovely visit of the Ardenwood Historic Park this weekend (-: The grounds were laden with vintage working music boxes, gardens, free-range chickens and peacocks, barns and stables, a train and blacksmith's shop, and a jolly little petting zoo. We took a tour of the historic Patterson farm house and I must say, I love old things. The smells in the house were intoxicatingly vintage, Especially the kitchen which still held the spicy warm scent of burnt wood from the old stove. The day was extremely hot, The hottest we've had yet here in northern California, and when we returned to the car, the book I had left on the dash had fallen apart, The spine's adhesive completely liquified from the sun's immense heat!

We went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and then headed home (-: Fun.

Today was much less adventurous, with the majority of our moments spent right here at home, except for our weekly grocery shopping outing. Isabella and I held an impromptu party for her doll Pipo, whose birthday I was surprised to discover happened on this very day (-: We then painted with brush and ink for a while until she lunged in the bathtub reading for close to two hours. Dinner on the patio and a calm evening spent listening to traditional African music...

Some pictures from Ardenwood::

I loved this photo hanging on the wall in the children's playroom. Very very amusing (-:

Here's Isabella, truly delighted because she caught her first chicken (-:

An antique doll in the children's playroom:

I loved this sweet baby bed (-: I wish we had one like it for our little one..

And...a cool vintage learning toy:
Lovely lovely.

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