September 22, 2009

12 weeks

That's how old sweet baby Jude is.

He is a happy little guy, smiling all day long...I feel so very blessed to have brought into this world the most absolutely wonderful children (-:

Isabella is enjoying her new school year. I recall fondly that fourth grade was my favourite...

Jason drops her off at her friend Sarah's house on his way to work each morning and she helps her and her sister get ready for the day and then travels to school with them. After school she spends an hour or two at her friend Obreah's house, doing homework, riding bikes and playing until Jason can retrieve her on his way home. I cannot tell you just how grateful I am that these two families have opened their doors and hearts to Isabella, who enjoys her time at both homes immensely! Since I am home now with baby Jude and we only have one car, this arrangement is a true gift (-:

She has been creating a small novel dedicated to the adventures of her doll Pipo, finger knitting, hand sewing, machine sewing, writing letters to her pen pals, reading reading reading and creating a kindergarten for her stuffed toys. So creative she is (-:

Jude is currently doing what he loves best, enjoying his milk (-: I cannot wait until our move to Canada, so that my mom can meet him! I'm sure there will be tears in her eyes from the beauty of it all.


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