September 30, 2009

all good things

It's 8:30 am as I sit down to type out a few thoughts. Usually Jude is peacefully asleep by this time, but after our usual morning routine of him wriggling in bed for half an hour gooing at the umbrella on the ceiling, a much-needed bath in the kitchen sink, and then being wrapped in a warm blanket for his morning milk until he nods off to sleep, Mabel (the naughty rabbit) commenced an intense digging session in the bottom of her cage, jolting Jude out of his peaceful slumber.

Oh well. If there's one wisdom I have acquired from this experience called motherhood, it's the letting go of all expectation. It was a hard lesson to learn. When Isabella was small I struggled and struggled with it, bringing much emotional turmoil upon myself in the process. This time around I know better. I am much more laid back. But I do need my morning shower ~ This one small act in a day makes all the difference for me. If I am fresh and clean I feel as though I can handle just about anything that is handed to me. For that reason, I wake at 6:30 am each morning and jump in the shower while Isabella and Jason ready themselves for school. By the time they leave at 7, I am clean, awake, dressed, and ready to face the day (-:

I neglected to post something earlier that is so immensely wonderful...On Saturday, Jude laughed his first laugh!! I almost missed it, as I was in the other room. Isabella, Jason and Jude were lounging in bed when Bella zerberted (is that how you spell it?!) Jason on the belly and Jude broke out into a fit of laughter. It was so cute. I have yet to hear it again. My poor face is exhausted from making silly sounds and expressions in an attempt to ignite his joyous giggling again. He was 13 weeks old on that very day, sweet boy. 13 weeks that have flown by at an alarming pace...His latest fun activities are grabbing his feet, eating blankets and trying to sit up from a semi-lying-down position, although he has been doing these things for weeks now. It really is so amazing to watch a wee babe grow and develop. It happens so quickly!

My gratitude for the immense gift of motherhood, for being allowed to spend this time at home with my children as they grow.. It is truly the greatest of all gifts. Even if we don't have as much money as so many two-income families do, even if we cannot live in a grand house with a giant backyard and put Isabella into loads of different after-school classes, it is so worth it. We live simply but I am proud of the choices we have made ~ the fact that we do not own a tv or a cell phone, That we read books, make art, write letters and spend time in nature rather than shopping and accumulating or being passively entertained by a technological device, That we make clothes and toys and household things from natural materials or things we find - it is so fun!

Time with your loved ones is invaluable (-:

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  1. A lovely post and I agree, time spent with family is by far the most important thing.So many people grow up barely knowing their parents.Your children are blessed that they will really know you and you them.


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