September 18, 2009

happy happy boy (-:

Jude is an extremely happy baby. He smiles and smiles and smiles. Still he has not offered to entertain us with his first baby giggle, but it has to be coming, and soon (-:

At first, when Jason and Isabella went back to school after the summer break I felt slightly traumatized and abandoned, having had them with me since the moment Jude was born. We were not apart as a family the entire summer. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cope, but really, I needn't have worried. Jude and I have developed this lovely rhythm to our day which allows me ample moments to work on my own creative endeavours, maintain our living quarters, drink lots and lots of tea and eat my meals peacefully. I have even been taking much-needed long walks around the city. Jude is such a lovely, sweet boy. He sits cozily in his Moby wrap and studies the trees, people, cars and buildings as we stroll, sometimes for up to 45 minutes before he is lulled off to sleep by my movement.

I recall achieving a similar level of peaceful flow with Isabella when she was a baby as well. I love my children with great intensity. I love that I see their ancientness and not just their dependency. I love that I see them as equals, as perfect beings with a reason for being on this planet, just as I am here. I love that as they they develop, I grow too, in leaps and bounds.



  1. he is too cute!! i love the yellow : )
    i just stopped back from your shop, your prints are incredible. love your style.

  2. Thank you Garden Mama! (-:
    What a nice way to start my day, with surprise kind words (-:

  3. Here are a few more: you're awesome, and I think it's great that we have such cool women in the fam. :-)

  4. Back at ya (-:

    When I return to Canada, we should definitely get together for tea! Sound good?



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