September 25, 2009

so very very sleepy am I

Jude has been giving me a hard time.


He started out sleeping 5-8 hours straight each night but now, that has all changed.
I'm not even sure how many times he wakes each night, as I am so dilerious that I cannot even see the clock with my crazed and blurry vision, but I am thinking every 1-2 hours. Overall I am fine with this, having had the same experience with my daughter, but the past three nights Jude has been fussing and crying out in his sleep, wriggling for what seems like hours at a time, and generally sleeping in a very non-peaceful manner.

I can only think that perhaps it is something I have eaten. I read up on the internet about such things and the most common sensitivity-causing foods for breastfed babies are:

cow's milk
soy products

There are a few others too but I believe that these make up the majority of baby sensitivities.

The way I figure it, I'd like to be more healthy anyway, so I'll eliminate the dairy. I never drink milk anyways, I find it rather disgusting, but I do sometimes have soy milk with my morning muesli. I'll just switch to rice milk. And I do rather like yogurt in a smoothie or for a late morning snack with almonds or fruit, so I'll try the goat's milk variety..I've stayed away from peanuts and eggs since having Jude,, and as far as wheat, I'll search for some alternative bread. That shouldn't be hard to find here in California ~ The land of health food! (-: I've always loved that deep rich dark rye German-style bread..yum.

The truth is, I have never handled dairy products anyway. I've had a chronic nose-sniffle my whole life (except that one year when I ate only a raw vegan diet). It isn't easy to convert your eating habits but it does seem that I have no choice at this point. That does make the transition easier.

More fruits and veggies. And perhaps I'll grab some spirulina or green food supplement while I'm at it (-:

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  1. Good girl! Charlotte/ Spencer started to get the cries too at this age. I did a total elimination diet with Charlotte and found that gluten and dairy made her so so unhappy. After a week without both she started to return to her happy self. I hope the same happens with Jude!


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