February 24, 2011

how we play

Jude has a large box of toys. He hardly plays with any of them. Isabella was the same when she was a little one. The favourites around here have always been the 'treasures' which are often found in food cupboards or stashed in the back of some adult's closet. In short, an entrely non-toy for a toy. I love that children will play with just about anything and although I do occasionally get tricked by all the cute toys that exist and purchase one, usually for a holiday, it inevitably seems silly afterwards. Except the pretty knitted fruits and vegetables in the first photo. I ordered them from Green Mountain Wee Woolies on etsy, and Jude does play with those. And so do I, because they are just so lovely. And when we're done playing I put them in a big jar to admire and they bring me lots of joy! So pretty (:

1 comment:

  1. Looks like the play here at our house!! Boxes and toilet paper tubes are perennial favorites : )


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