February 19, 2011

PipoDoll in Sweden!

I have been meaning to post about something just so lovely for quite some time now...
Some of my plush gnomes, ornaments and embroidered greeting cards are being sold in a wonderful lil' shop in Sweden! My dear friend and fellow artisan Jenny Karlsson has asked me to sell my handmade lovelies alongside her handmade lovelies and I am tickled pink (:  Here is a photo she took near Christmas~time:

Happy me! (:

Jenny is an awesome creative girl and she makes gorgeous embellished bags, embroidered sachets and crocheted treasures. You should really check out her shop! I have a bag she made years ago; It has become worn (and holey) with time, which makes me sad, but it is also one of my favourite things in the whole world, which is why I plan on framing it! Clever me ;-) Here are a few of my favourites that she has made::

Happy Saturday to you! I am off to have some green tea!

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