February 17, 2011

little moments of life

The past weeks have included much in the way of playful noise (very loud!), glorious creativity (of the kid variety), immense amounts of tea drinking, reading, playing with bouncy balls, play food, toy trucks, board books and cardboard boxes. For my part, I have a gazillion awesome ideas for creative things,, but never enough time to bring them into fruition! Aaaarrr! Soon soon soon. (:

Isabella is such a creative girl (:

Here is the corner of my bedroom that I love the most.

Jude has gotten very fast!

He loves to run in the hallway (:

Sumo the cat reading the Tale of Tom Kitten! Smart kitty!

Jude sleeping with his best~bud (unbenownst to him). Cozy (:

As time goes forward, As the little moments stretch and grow into hours and days and weeks, I fall in love with my children more and more and more. I am so blessed to have them in my life. What have I done to deserve this amazing gift? I do not know. But I am so happy (: Even if they make me tired, throw up on me and poke poke poke me every time I try to make some art ~ I am so happy! ^__^

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