June 4, 2011

Hello June!

Ah, summer (: I am NOT a fan of the sweltering heat or bloodthirsty blackflies and mosquitos that we have to contend with here in Ontario, but I do appreciate the warmth and birdsong after such a loooooonnnngggg winter (: Our garden is blossoming, we have lots of campfires and spend lots of time playing outside, I feel healthier and much more cheery...Here we have a few pictures of Jude's favourite summertime experiences ~ the marshmallow, of course (:


  1. Mmmmm... marshmallow! (makes me want to give him a little kiss just so I can sneak a little taste of my favorite flavor... tasty-toddler with marshmallow on top...)

  2. Oh that little face! enough to make my heart melt.

  3. (: Definitely adorable but very gooey to clean up afterwards! It's better than the times marshmallow got entwined in my daughter's long hair though! (-;


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