November 26, 2013

All three of my lovelies (:


This photo was taken a few weeks ago, as can be witnessed by the beautiful bits of green. Now all is brown, gray and white as winter leaps in at us. Yesterday Jason and I wrapped the firewood porch in plastic and hauled all the toys into the garage for the winter.

Aren't my lovely ones, well, lovely? I suppose the lambs are about 8 months old now, and though they may look like sheep, they are babies really. They are so sweet. Never has anything brought me so much joy as these guys. And Talulah too of course! She is hilarious, a great goat-y friend (:


  1. He is gorgeous and his wool is fine and lustrous.His dam is my beautiful Finn ewe Lacey and he was born April 5th :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I remember your blog post about his birth! I love him dearly (: He gives me kisses on the lips; it is just the sweetest thing.
      The silly boy has gotten himself into some burdock, darn it! I'll haveto snip the burr bits out; they are too hard to work out by hand. Hopefully there'll still be lots of lovely Pippin wool left to enjoy! (:


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