November 28, 2013


When I was growing up, my mother burned wild sage in our home.

In each of my dwellings since then, I too have burned the sacred sage, even setting off the fire alarm in our city apartment a couple times (oops!). When we drove across country from Ontario to California six years ago, I gathered sage from the roadside fields of New Mexico and Colorado, two bags full, and bound them into smudge sticks once we returned home. They were lovely!
I am nearly finished my very last bundle; there are just a few sprigs left. It was actually one of two I had given my Mom as a gift, but she felt them too special to burn so she saved them all these years until she finally gifted them back to me. I suppose I can't just pop out and drive a few states over to find the good wild stuff anymore, so I am hoping to start growing my own in the spring, right here on my own land.

Whenever we are having a particularly difficult day, for whatever reason, I smudge our home and peace is restored. It cleanses the spirit in the most profound way; what a wonderful gift!
On this day, which also happens to be Thanksgiving in the USA, my gratitude flows freely for the sacred sage which has traveled with me through my living all these years (:


  1. I would love to begin the tradition of sageing as well. Can I use regular sage? I watch my fav Theresa do it all the time on her show :-)
    Are you American Samantha?

    1. Hi Jody! No, I am not American but my husband is, We lived in Northern California for 4 years because he was teaching there at the time.
      I have used garden sage before when I ran out of the wild kind but it doesn't really work. I have ordered it from etsy before and it was lovely, a shop based in Oregon I believe. It's much less expensive than buying it here (:
      Which show are you talking about may I ask?

  2. The show is Long Island Medium


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