November 19, 2013

Ollie loves soup!

This picture was taken last night, when Ollie was eating his birthday soup.
Of all my three children, this guy is the first to really love soup, which is good because we need to make a whole lot of it this winter; there are piles and piles of squash from the garden just begging to be made into soup!
Ollie's 2nd birthday was very, very mellow, but that is the way we all like it anyway (:
Jude and I started making Ollie's cupcakes (chocolate spelt) first thing in the morning. I mean, seriously first thing - Before tea and breakfast even! Ollie was still asleep and we were able to get everything measured and mixed before he even woke up. Of course they were excited as anything at the existence of cupcakes, so once they were baked and iced, we all had one. It was morning (:

Then, we played. A normal day for the most part, although Isabella stayed home from school so that was an extra bit of excitement. Ollie spied her straightening her hair and asked if she would do his too, so she did. And then she straightened half of Jude's hair before he ran away, and then they wanted their nails painted, so we did that too. (:
When Daddy got home from work, we ate dinner (soup and quiche) and then the cupcakes. I made a bunch of simple  drawings and taped them to toothpicks for cake-toppers, just basic designs that Ollie could identify, all animals. He had two presents which Jude was more than happy to unwrap for him. A good helper, hmmn?

And of course, everyone was so excited, and a bit wired because of the cupcakes, that they ran around the house screaming and being wild until they crashed, much later than a usual bedtime (-;

And so it is, my baby-love is 2.


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