December 11, 2013

13 on this day.

13 years ago, at 8 o'clock in the morning, I brought into the world a girl-child.
The world was covered in snow; it had been falling-falling-falling all night long.
It was beautiful.
It was also one of the most profound, most sacred, most joyful times of my life.
Much has changed since then. Lots of change, lots of growth. Lots of life.
She grows, I grow, and I am amazed that she can be so tall now, and that it seemed to happen in the mere blink of an eye. 13 years old. To have a daughter who is so clever, creative and kind, I am blessed.
A winter-child, she walks barefoot in the snow and smiles.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday to you both!!! 13!!!!!!! I have one too you know. It really is just (almost) unbelievably amazing. Wishing your dear girl a wonderful year ahead, and wishing you both a wonderful mommy daughter life together.
    With love,
    (who also has meaning to comment on the fact that your littlest one is not even a baby anymore!)


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