December 27, 2013


Woolly Pippin is a bit of a dork, I have to say. Just look at him!
Oh, but he is so cute, I wish he would let me throw my arms around him and squeeze him! 
He's not much of a snuggler though, but when he was a wee baby lamb he loved to be picked up and held; he always settled right down when he was in my arms, and his first few nights with us he cried unless he was sleeping right on my chest.
Now that he is grown, he will tolerate my petting his cheeks and ears if he is very content and sleepy, and if I kneel down low, he likes kisses on the lips - no lie! He has always been a kisser, not a hugger (-;
He is such a fine, handsome fella, and he makes me laugh nearly every day!
Sheep are the best. They really are.

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