December 15, 2013

It's cold.

Here is a picture of my mom, walking in the pasture with Ollie and Jude.
We went out hoping to find her a nice little Christmas tree to bring home with her but the wind was so sharp, the kiddos needed to come back inside and warm up. 
It is so very cold here that our pipes froze. This has happened before; it gets so friggin' cold here!
On days like these I wonder what I was thinking when I left northern California! But then, the lifestyle we lead here is so full and rich and very much an outward expression of the inner spirits of Jason and I, so in this way there is no comparison (: 
We had fun when we lived in CA; we went somewhere scenic every change we got ~ museums, ethnic restaurants, street festivals, national  parks and many, many beaches, new towns and cities, etc, etc, etc...but there is something about waking in this wonderful little farm in the forest, in the quiet of this place, that completes me more than all of those other lovely experiences, and that is the simple fact that I am building this life, not just sampling. It is hard work, and I get mighty tired and overwhelmed but I LOVE it. 
Each morning when I wake in our cold, old farmhouse, I make the kids breakfast, put on the kettle for tea and then go straight out to the barn to let out the chickens, the sheep and the goat, get them food and water, etc.. and as freezing and miserable as it may be, I always linger there with them for I love them so, and I love to be in their space. I actually very much enjoy barn chores too.


  1. I enjoyed this post. My husband and I are torn between the lifestyles that we want to live. Right now we live in suburbia, but with a flock of chickens (so we know all about frozen morning fingers filling the water bowl) and a bunch of dogs, cats, and a rabbit. One part of us would love to move to the country, have more land and more animals, and try to be more self-sufficient. The other part of us loves traveling and feels that there is so many amazing places to see in this world, we have to get cracking on it now! We are working and planning our way towards a good balance. I am glad that you are at peace and happy in your rural lifestyle. I know I have a tendency to romanticize farm life, but your last paragraph above sounds like a perfect morning!

    1. Yes..travelling...I have had travel fantasies lately, although we certainly won't be doing that for a few years at least! It's delicious to think of all the wonderful places/cultures that are out there. But yes, I am at peace with my lifestyle, which is a first for me, so for that I am grateful (: I had a HUGE tendency to romanticize farm life too before I had a farm, but the reality of it is very different from your thoughts of what it would be like. You have chickens so you know. We almost lost half our flock this summer to a bronchial infection -twice - and it was a nightmare for me, but when I stood back and looked at the whole picture I was sure I wouldn't trade the experience in for anything. Like motherhood, it gives you a wonderful sense of purpose. Thanks for stopping by again Katie! I am going to pop by your blog again too when I have more time to read (:


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