December 21, 2013


Isabella made these awesome ornaments!

I was very impressed. I had borrowed my Mom's wood burning tool, hoping to make a few things this holiday season, but it was Bella who ended up using it.

Jason and I are SO busy here, making-making-making gifts for Christmas. We have been working on things in stolen moments, but now that the 'big day' is so quickly approaching, we have put the creativity into high gear; Jason is spending time with the little ones while I work upstairs in my (until now, pretty much unused) studio. It has been odd delving into so many creative projects after not doing anything for so long, but I very quickly found a flow and have accomplished much in a short time (:

Between us, Jason and I have created a covered wagon for the kids to play in, a wooden pulley painted toy hen that lays eggs, a hand-illustrated puzzle, painted wood slice pendants, and 2 wooden toy snakes. I have a couple more ideas too, that I hope to get to but we shall see (:


  1. Oh, this made me laugh because it is on my to-do list for today, so I just ran and plugged in the wood burning tool to warm up! I made some earlier in the week, then gave up because it was taking so long and turned to cutting felt and gluing those shapes onto the birch ornaments. But my mom came over last night and commented on how nice the burned ones were, so I have to turn some out today! Here is a picture of my felt ones.

  2. Those ornaments are gorgeous! Well done to her. :-)


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