September 8, 2008

Beauty is life

I am drinking green tea with Jasmine and literally controlling the great urge to weep because of the beauty that is inherent here, in my life, on this planet. We are so lucky to be alive!

I want to run down the street letting everyone know, and it brings me a certain degree of sadness to know that many, many people would rather dwell in misery and ugliness of spirit. What a waste.

This painting sort of reminds me of me.

Long dress, sewing, peaceful and quiet.

Sitting by the flowers and the sunlight.

When Isabella was little I made almost all her sweet little clothes out of vintage hankerchiefs and tablecloths. She wore blowy apron dresses and loved them. She just asked me to make her a new one the other day! She's so much bigger now but it warms my heart to know she loves aprons, dresses, skirts and pinafores as much as a do.

It seems that I have run out of tea, and also have a passionate desire to create something beautiful (-:

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