September 19, 2008

Clotheslines and their laws

It seems quite rediculous to me that certain places actually have 'clothesline bans' because the appearance of such an unsightly thing can lower property value. OH MY GOD!!! That is too funny. Seriously, if someone is so concerned with the way things appear around them and the way they and their lifestyle appear to others, they should be forced to become better educated on the dire circumstances concerning the health of this planet. It is a simple fact that if you dry your clothes in the sun, it saves loads of electricity, which helps to prolong the dwindling natural resources that we share this planet with. Silliness. With the state of things as they are today, can we really afford to be so petty and ignornant? Hmm.
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"Just over a month ago, reader James noted that "in a growing number of residential developments in the USA, the local government or community covenants legally prevent residents from doing 'unsightly' things," including hanging wet laundry out to dry. Columnist Alex Beam of the International Herald Tribune came across similar findings while attempting to emulate Al and Tipper Gore's efforts to live a carbon neutral lifestyle:
I am seriously considering line-drying my washed clothes, which would further erode my standing in my very proper neighborhood.
Did you know that clothes dryers account for as much as 10 percent of home-energy use? "If ... New Englanders would use the clothesline or wooden drying racks, the savings would be enough to close several power plants," reports the pro-line- drying Web site
Project Laundry List.
Alas, we do not live in a "right-to- dry" state, like Florida, where the legislature has granted homeowners broad rights to hang out their clothes.
Richard Monson, the president of the California Association of Homeowners Associations, told Legal Affairs magazine that a clothesline in a neighborhood can lower property values by 15 percent: "Modern homeowners don't like people's underwear in public. It's just unsightly."

Honestly, I think clotheslines are beautiful.
I go out of my way to find them (-:

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