September 19, 2008

A wee bit tired I am

Cream earl grey it is this morning, with a bit o' soy milk and honey (-: I am loving this tea this week. It helps to wake me up...I am pleased that my legs are becoming stronger from riding the tandem bikerides I share with Isabella but they are also begging for a rest. Thank goodness for the weekend then (-:

Yay! I sold these two prints on the weekend! The lady who bought them found me through a 'clothesline' search on the internet. I cannot tell you just how much I love clotheslines. Unfortunately I don't have one right now, but do not fear! I can draw them! Such is the solace of an artist..It's a funny thing though..I have done the 'clothesline' search myself, many times in the past and recent past. I love synchronicity. It reminds you that things are not so haphazard and uncoordinated here on this place called earth; That there is more. I knew that of course, but it's sooo nice to be reminded here and there.

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