September 5, 2008

Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor is my hero.

I'm so sad that she has passed away (she was 92) but she will continue to inspire me, forever. I wish I could live my life in such a way that it inspires others to live truly and follow their dreams while I am following my truest life path as well. Until that time I will revel in the wisdom of great, beautiful souls like Tasha.

Here is an excerpt from her website, written by her grandson, Wislow Tudor:

~Here are a few things we learned from Granny: Never use the word “can” when you should use “may.” Always take your hat off in the house. Pay less attention to what people say, and more to what they do. “It is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.” Life is short, do what’s important to you. Never use tea bags, use real tea instead. Feed yourself properly. She could always tell when you weren’t eating well. “I’ll make you a real supper.” Have a wood stove in your house. Cats make the best hot water bottles. Don’t dwell excessively on the past. Be positive. Plant a garden. ~

I love it. But I am happy and sad at the same time.

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