September 29, 2008


So I am selling Halloween greeting cards at my etsy store (-:

This past weekend was a bit of a wild ride, starting out with Jason feeling violently ill with a migraine Saturday morning and afternoon so in an attempt to give him some peace and quiet, Isabella and I locked ourselves in her bedroom, put make-up on one another, ate raisins and banana bread and this is what happened:

Jason was feeling a bit better by the evening, so we walked Isabella to the park so she could expend some of her childhood energy there ^-^ We went to Tilden park on Sunday after buying some much-needed bunny food at the pet store first. Poor Mabel has quite the appetite and was all out of pellets in the morning! We brought celery with us and fed the animals at the petting zoo and then hiked down a trail leading to a little lake. We heard mewing coming from a patch of brambles and discovered a kitten all alone. The poor thing was wild though, and although we were there over an hour trying to lure her out, she wasn't having it. We may return tonight with some 'kitten catching' props and hopefully we'll be able to help her. She was so small. Just a baby..

The day is sunny, as usual, but there is a cool breeze that hints of the crisp autumns I experienced in Ontario. I even smelled snow when I woke up yesterday which I know will never fall here in this part of California but nonetheless...My connection to the seasons runs deep and I feel each change as if it were my own self, not the earth, but then as humans we are part of nature, aren't we? So it makes perfect sense.

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